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Dynamic Chiropractic
December 3, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 25

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Book Review

Title: The Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic Publisher/Author: Alabama State Chiropractic Association Category: Marketing Aid to Industry Publication: 3-Ring Notebook, 38 Pages

Many studies have been done showing the effectiveness of chiropractic versus medical treatments. We banter around the names: the RAND study, the British Medical study, etc. Now the Alabama State Chiropractic Association has put together a very professional and attractive presentation folder with the highlights of the best studies. They have included the Virginia study, RAND, British study, Australian study, Texas, Florida, Utah, and Oregon studies.

In addition, there are excerpts from the literature. The patient satisfaction study from the Western Journal of Medicine and two articles from the Journal of Family Practice are excerpted and the highlights presented. In other words, all the "good stuff" is here. The product makes a very usable presentation folder to be used when speaking to companies about where they should send their injured workers. In addition, the three ring binder format makes it convenient to add additional pages as more studies come out.

The Alabama State Chiropractic Association also made a brochure that is printed in the same style and color scheme as the presentation folder. It is perfect to leave behind after your meeting to remind them of the highlights of your message. The brochures are available for only $1.00 each and the complete report notebook/presentation folder is only $18.00. These are an excellent value.

I was extremely impressed with the work done by the Alabama association. I ordered 20 more brochures so I can begin passing them out to the companies I work with. If there are any other state associations who have put together excellent presentation materials such as these, I invite you to submit them for review. If state associations are not publishing this type of material, they should take a lesson from Alabama.

When ordering, ask for a copy of the "Report" and as many "Brochures" as you will need to pass out. The brochures can be acquired in "generic" or "Alabama" formats. I salute the Alabama State Chiropractic Association for a job well done.

Eggleston Rating: 9

Dynamic Chiropractic
December 3, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 25

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