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Dynamic Chiropractic
July 30, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 16

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Title: Subluxation Degeneration

Category: Patient Education
Author: William B. Esteb
Publication: Poster

See pages XX, Parts #C-205 for information on how to order

There are a number of posters which show subluxation degeneration. Most of them are quite useful in showing patients how bad their x-rays look. This one is especially good. First of all, this is a full-color poster and is very modern looking. Second, it shows normal and three stages of degeneration of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar, all on one chart. There are beautiful color drawings that draw patients to look at it.

Patients love to study this chart. Since I put it in a frame and hung it in a treatment room, I find many patients standing and looking at it when I walk into the room. It has prompted many questions and gives me a chance to educate the patients. This poster shows, in graphic pictures and x-rays, what we as chiropractors do.

This is an excellent wall poster. It has a professional layout, quality graphics, and is easy to read and understand. If you are thinking of modernizing those tired old posters, this is a good choice. If you do not have a subluxation degeneration poster next to your view box, to compare x-rays to in your report of findings, I recommend you get one.

Eggleston Rating: 10

Steven Eggleston, DC
Huntington Beach, California


There was an unfortunate error in the review of Topographic and Motion Palpation of the Axial Skeleton, by Kent L. Boyer, DC, published in the June 18 issue "DC." The publisher of the book was incorrectly listed as Halo Books, while it is actually The Edwin Mellen Press. To purchase the book, contact The Edwin Mellen Press at P.O. Box 450, Lewiston, NY 14092.

Editor's Note:

If you have authored, published or produced a book, audio or video package which is chiropractic oriented, educational, nonpromotional, and written or produced in a professional manner, and would like it reviewed in Dynamic Chiropractic, please send two copies of the book, video or audiocassette to:

Items submitted for review will not be returned. All items accepted for review will receive an "Eggleston rating" on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best.

Dynamic Chiropractic
July 30, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 16

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