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Dynamic Chiropractic
July 16, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 15

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By Steven Eggleston, DC

Best of Preferred Reading & Viewing

This issue's column is devoted to a summary of the numerous books, booklets, tapes, videos, and posters I have reviewed in the past year. I have found that some of the material I previously reviewed has been more valuable than I originally thought, while other material less so. I present to you the creme de la creme.

Title: The Chiropractic Report
Category: Doctor education/research review
Author: David Chapman-Smith, Esq
Publication: Bi-monthly newsletter
Eggleston Rating: 10
Product #: J-300-C

Title: A Patient's Point of View
Category: Practice growth and management
Author: William D. Esteb
Publication: 235 pages, paperback
Eggleston Rating: Changed from 8 to 10
Product #: T-145

Title: Motion Palpation & Chiropractic Technic
Category: Doctor education
Authors: Drs. R.C. Schafer & L. John Faye
Publication: 418 pages, hardcover
Eggleston Rating: 10
Product #: T-100

Title: "Subluxation Degeneration"
Category: Patient education
Publication: Wall poster
Eggleston Rating: 10
Product #: C-205

Title: The Musculoskeletal System: Differential Diagnosis from Symptoms & Signs Category: Doctor education Author: John McM. Mennell, MD Publication: 191 pages, hardcover Eggleston Rating: 8 Product #: T-143

Title: Clinical Chiropractic: Management of Pain and Disability -- Upper Body Complaints Category: Doctor education Author: R.C. Schafer, DC Publication: 552 pages, hardcover Eggleston Rating: 10 Product #: T-125

Of the scores of books, videos, and posters submitted for review, these represent the highlights of the past year. All are excellent and highly recommended. And since I am the reviewer and cannot objectively review my own audiotapes, I will simply insert an unabashed plug for several titles which have been enormously popular over the years: "Differential Diagnosis -- Neck and Arm Pain," "Advanced Whiplash Injuries," and "Differential Diagnosis -- Low Back and Leg Pain." If you spend much time in your car, these audiotapes are great to listen to on the commute.

See the Preferred Reading and Viewing List on pages XX for ordering information.

Steven Eggleston, DC
Huntington Beach, California

Dynamic Chiropractic
July 16, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 15

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