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Dynamic Chiropractic
July 2, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 14

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Book Review

By Steven Eggleston, DC

Title:     Today's Health Alternative

Category:  Patient Education

Author:    Raquel Martin
Publisher: American West Publishers
P.O. Box 2208
Carson City, Nevada
Telephone: (702) 885-0700

Publication: Book, 1992

Today's Health Alternative guides the reader through what many patients experience: a negative bias against chiropractic; a condition that is not relieved by traditional medical means; and enlightenment about chiropractic after a successful outcome. Ms. Martin takes this one step further by explaining how chiropractic gets sick people well and why chiropractic care should be considered first, not last.

She covers a vast array of topics pertinent to most chiropractic practices. She explains some of the most common chiropractic techniques, why nutrition is used by chiropractors, and why chiropractors prescribe specific exercises to aid in strengthening the spine.

While the book may seem fairly basic to the practicing chiropractor, I believe that this would be an excellent introductory book for new or prospective chiropractic students. Additionally, the book could be helpful in giving staff members a good overall view of chiropractic and how chiropractic can influence the body's overall functioning.

Ms. Martin is a chiropractic patient who was inspired by her positive experience with chiropractic to research why chiropractic works. This book was specifically written in a nontechnical way by a patient to prospective patients. This approach gives the book a unique perspective on our profession.

The book is well-written, and Ms. Martin references and subreferences her points throughout. Additionally, specific chapters recommend books that the interested reader can turn to for more details. The book is well-organized, professionally printed, and is fairly easy to read.

The book would be most valuable to new students or for patients who are curious about chiropractic. It would make a welcome addition to a patient lending library for any doctor. The book has a low price, making it worthwhile for new students and inquisitive patients.

While not designed for the chiropractor in the field, the book can be useful to those entering our profession with little or no experience with chiropractic.

Eggleston Rating: 4

Steven C. Eggleston, DC
Huntington Beach, California

Dynamic Chiropractic
July 2, 1993, Volume 11, Issue 14

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