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Dynamic Chiropractic
December 4, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 25

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Title: Chiropractic Family Practice: A Clinical Manual Category: Patient Care Editor : Joseph J. Sweere, D.C., DABCO, FICC Publisher: Aspen Publishers Gaithersburg, Maryland

Patient care is something taught in school and usually learned in practice. Many of the conditions treated by chiropractors such as scoliosis, stress management, female disorders, and cardiology are often learned by listening to older, more experienced doctors. But now Dr. Sweere has compiled an outstanding book of research and case histories which teaches diagnosis and treatment of these and many more conditions.

It is very exciting to have this information in print. Every chiropractic doctor and student will want this book to read and reference for years to come. The best part is that it is in the form of a large three-ring binder with chapters divided by titled index sheets. The publisher also promises that it will be updated periodically.

Dr. Sweere is chairman of the Department of Occupational Health at Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He has published numerous articles and papers and lectured for many years throughout the country. In addition, there are 43 contributing authors and the list reads like a Who's Who in Chiropractic. Every chapter is footnoted and referenced to make this a truly scientific review of the literature.

This is an excellent book. The book has 44 different contributors, and while some chapters are better than others, all are concise, documented, and contain valuable clinical information. Some chapters even include specialized forms such as the "Pediatric Health History." One of the best chapters is the one on occupational health. This is Dr. Sweere's specialty and he puts a life's worth of information into this chapter.

The value of this book is extremely high. The cost is also rather lofty (well over $200). Even so, to compare the value vs. cost is not difficult. The value is much higher than the cost. If you are wondering whether you should spend this much on a book, consider that this will likely become the most used, quoted, and referenced book you will own.

You may already have figured out that I liked this book. I was excited to finally read about chiropractic management of cardiology, female disorders, geriatrics, and many more. Now I have the book on my shelf to point to and say, "There it is in print. The answer is in this book."

Call Aspen Publishers Inc., at 1-800-638-8437 for ordering information.

Eggleston Rating: 10

Steven C. Eggleston, D.C.
Huntington Beach, California

Dynamic Chiropractic
December 4, 1992, Volume 10, Issue 25

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