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Dynamic Chiropractic
October 11, 1991, Volume 09, Issue 21

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The Joy of Juice Fasting, and Silica -- The Forgotten Nutrient

By -- Klaus Kaufman

Softcover -- Juice Fasting 78 pages, Silica 76 pages

See pages xx, Parts #P-705 for information on how to order

One of the nice things about my job around here is that I have the opportunity to review so much interesting material. There are times, however, when such titles as Silica -- The Forgotten Nutrient might not seem as exciting as the Hunt for Red October. Still, I've found that by sticking with it, some of the volumes that I might think are going to be a little less than exciting turn out to have a unique brand of drama all their own.

To me there is drama and excitement and at times even pathos in the learning process. While fiction might stimulate my imagination for a short time -- knowledge lasts forever.

Not long ago I watched one of those half-hour informational commercials. You have to admit that some of them can be pretty entertaining. By the time they're through you're convinced that life just could not have much purpose without the product the pitchmen are selling.

This particular program was on the juicing of all kinds of fruits and vegetables with a wonderful new juicer. I couldn't have viewed it at a better time for I was in the process of reading The Joy of Juice Fasting. They seemed to complement each other. The commercial plugged what seemed like a fine machine while the book expanded on the value of nutrient rich fruit and vegetable juices and their easy absorption into the blood stream without straining the digestive system.

At the very beginning it is stressed that this is not a diet book but one on the art of fasting without starving the body of its nutritional needs.

It's also a gentle book for it guides without dictating the reader through the rationale of common sense dieting -- a must for those doctors who want to instruct their patients through a fasting program.

The book on silica by the same author is another that is quite germane to a chiropractic practice. While I've long known of the value of silica as a supplement for those patients with connective tissue problems, I wasn't quite as aware as I might have been on the dimensional value of this important nutrient. This is almost inexcusable, for my understanding of its homeopathic use should have indicated its depth of value to the human condition.

The book details, in lay terms, the need for this extraordinary substance. After reading the book you and your patients will be enlightened on silica's need in the maintenance of strong bones, beautiful hair and nails, a healthy heart, powerful lungs, strong muscles, healthy skin, and much more.

As with the fasting book, the one on silica is another winner for your patient lending library.

For some time, I practiced in an area that catered to older people. They were lured into one place and then surrounded by medical offices and banks. It got to be known sarcastically as "Heaven's Waiting Room." All that most of the people "living" there could do was count their money and talk about who was in the hospital and who was dying. They had raised the art of decay to a new level.

What a pity. Instead of living every day to its fullest as it was meant to be, the old people in this carefully-planned community concentrated on the act of dying.

Biologically, we should live a lot longer than we do, and this doesn't mean rotting in a retirement home. If we take care of this wonderful body with the proper exercise, rest, and correct nutrition there's little reason why this shouldn't be.

The books, The Joys of Juice Fasting and Silica -- The Forgotten Nutrient, go a long way towards educating your patients with the knowledge necessary to create a more vital and longer life. Good for the patient -- and for you.


Dynamic Chiropractic
October 11, 1991, Volume 09, Issue 21

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