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Dynamic Chiropractic
March 15, 1991, Volume 09, Issue 06

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"Get Paid in Full for P.I."

Presented by -- Shawn Steel and Associates

Six audio cassette tapes

See pages xx on how to order

For some reason I've always distrusted lawyers. For one thing they speak in a strange tongue that's soaked with some kind of arrogant authority. I suppose it's like discussing the ramifications of vertebral subluxation with a new patient.

Some years ago a friend came into my office with a pretty vicious dog bite. It seems the animal was guarding a gas station and attacked her as she rode past it on her bicycle. Because she'd fallen off the bike she wanted x-rays taken of her lower back.

There weren't any fractures or luxations visualized but some structural aberrations were noted. She felt that this was grounds for litigation. That the bite and ensuing fall from the bike caused the structural problems. Of course it might have, but since there was no sign of recent fracture and since there weren't any preincident radiographs to demonstrate any structural changes, it was apparent that a suit based upon the x-rays I had taken would be of dubious value in court.

Nothing, however, could dissuade her from suing. She was convinced that all her problems were caused by the fall from the bike and that the x-rays proved it.

In time I was contacted by the defendant's lawyer and subsequently was "commanded" to appear in his office. To me the lawyer was a swaggering jerk trying to give his best impression of Perry Mason. His tactics were denigrating and badgering, and I had to control my somewhat volatile temper. But what did I know? To me he represented the law. A legal "enforcer" who could put me in prison if I didn't do as he wanted. Then I was "commanded" to show him my x-rays. Since I hadn't brought them I was "commanded" to go all the way back to my office and bring them to him quickly. Like so many -- I was a doctor and not a lawyer. My preoccupation was with the welfare of my patients, not legal mumbo jumbo, and as a result of my ignorance I never even received a cent.

Over the years I've learned my lessons well through experience. How wonderful it would have been if there had only been someone sharp enough to advise me about the machinations of the law before I had to learn the hard way.

Shawn Steele lives up to his name with the set of tapes he produced on conducting an ethical and profitable Personal Injury (P.I.) practice. The tapes are electrified with his dynamic personality. At times I almost felt like standing up and cheering. If only I had known about him some 20 years ago.

Fortunately for you, Shawn Steel is on audio tape and can be heard anytime you want. In order, the tapes cover such diverse and important topics as:

  1. The information the attorney needs from the doctor and how the doctor can avoid being "taken" by a P.I. attorney.

  2. Defense attorney Joel Harrison gives important information on how to properly file claims and execute liens so that you can get paid on time.

  3. Gary Miller, D.C. -- a state appointed Independent Medical Examiner (IME) who had testified in court over 100 times -- goes over the essentials needed in a good medical-legal narrative report -- one that will enable doctors to get the remuneration they deserve.

  4. Steel again on how to build a P.I. practice.

  5. Attorney Harrison explains the nine "red flags" of billing that can delay or diminish payment for services rendered. He also covers some of the evasive tactics used by defense attorneys and how to overcome them.

  6. A mock trial with Miller and Harrison.
Sometimes I tend to get carried away and fumble over adjectives in my attempt to convey the value of some of the things I review. This is done to get you to purchase these things I feel will be of genuine value. Believe me -- everything on the MPI Preferred Reading and Viewing List is carefully screened before its inclusion. There are some near misses submitted but we only recommend the bull's eyes.

The tapes of "Get Paid In Full for P.I." are nothing short of remarkable. We can all thank providence that people like Shawn Steel are on our side. He's a dynamic speaker with a brilliant legal mind. Now that you know he's on your side it's time to put him on your cassette player -- right away.


Dynamic Chiropractic
March 15, 1991, Volume 09, Issue 06

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