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Dynamic Chiropractic
November 21, 1990, Volume 08, Issue 24

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Leon Grumling, B.S. -- Copy Editor

Dori Baker -- Marketing Director

Connie Knott -- Accounting Manager
Elizabeth Auger -- Director of Operations

Debi Pugliese -- First Assistant Editor
Shannon Emerick -- Second Assistant Editor
Fern Trovarelli -- Word Processing/Transcription
Anne Gardner -- Advertising Manager
Lisa Marie Hardy -- Advertising Coordinator
Brenda Walters -- Advertising Coordinator
Arnetta Boulton -- Technical Director
Autumn Heleniki -- Graphic Design
Stephanie Sommers -- Graphic Design
Doreen McIntyre -- Events Coordinator
Karen Reitz -- Customer Service
Debra da Silva -- Administrative Assistant
Sunim Riggs -- Accounts Receivable
Lisa Kaufman -- Seminar Accounting
Cynthia Menke -- Circulation Manager
Debora (Dee) Martin -- Production Coordinator
Cindy da Silva -- Receptionist
Luz Jimenez -- Shipping/Receiving

And to those whose writing you know and enjoy:

Richard H. Tyler,D.C. -- Associate Editor John Amaro, D.C., F.I.A.C.A., DIPL, Ac. -- Acupuncture Column Willard Bertrand, D.C. -- The Country Chiropractor Jan Corwin, D.C. -- Sports Injuries Darryl Curl, D.D.S., D.C. -- The Chiropractic Dental Team R. Vincent Davis, D.C., B.S.P.T., D.N.B.P.M.E. -- Physiatry -- The Practice of Physical Therapy by a Physician Robert W. Dishman, M.A., D.C. -- Orthotics Kurt W. Donsbach, D.C. -- Wholistic Therapies Leonard Godwin, D.C. -- The Nature of Science Series Stanley Greenfield, R.H.U. -- Finance Warren Hammer, M.S., D.C. -- Soft Tissue James Healey, D.C. -- A Straight Point of View Bob Jansen, Ph.D. -- Consortium for Chiropractic Research John Lowe, M.A., D.C. -- Myofascial Pain Syndromes Theodore Oslay, D.C. -- Industrial Consulting Deborah Pate, D.C. -- Roentgen Report Brian Porteous, D.C. -- Marketing Strategies William Quigley, D.C. -- The Early Days at Palmer Kenneth A. Satin, J.D. -- The JD & the DC: A Winning Combination Michael Schroeder, Esq. -- National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys Richard Schafer, D.C., F.I.C.C. -- Viewpoint: The State of Our Art Dennis Semlow, D.C. -- Liability and Malpractice Lendon H. Smith, M.D. -- The Children's Doctor

And to those of you who have taken the time to submit an article or press release on behalf of your association, college, or organization, or an individual doctor or student of chiropractic who wrote to us, concerned about your profession -- a very sincere thank you.

And last, but certainly not least -- those very special people to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude for their encouragement, belief, and support: my wonderful wife, Jill, and our two children, Joshua and John-David.

More than likely, you have those in your life who have made a difference. Your family, employees, and colleagues. This might just be a good time to let them know just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them.

Dynamic Chiropractic
November 21, 1990, Volume 08, Issue 24

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