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Dynamic Chiropractic
October 24, 1990, Volume 08, Issue 22

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The chiropractic profession is much more than the skilled administration of the adjustment of a patient's spine. Chiropractic is also a living, growing, breathing profession made up of people, organizations, research, and communication with the public.

That is what The Chiropractic Education and Research Newsletter is all about. The newsletter provides the reader with current information about chiropractic education and research, an FYI section full of miscellaneous tidbits that may surprise you, and up-to-date facts every chiropractor should know. Please see J-312-C for information on how to order.

J-312-C The Chiropractic Education and Research Newsletter: Stay curent with the dynamic developments taking place in chiropractic. This semi-annual newsletter published by KM Enterprises is devoted to the anchor of the chiropractic profession -- education and research. Knowing the current state of chiropractic education allows you to speak specifically about your profession to attorneys, judges, insurance company representatives, legislatures, media , and your patients. The newsletter is edited by chiropractic leaders: J. David Cassidy, E. Maylon Drake, Russell W. Gibbons, Dana Lawrence, Don Nixdorf, and Leonard J. Savage. Shipping included in price.

Arnetta - the price of J-312-C is $12

New abstract for V-425:

REHAB VIDEO'S LOW BACK (V-425-A), or CERVICAL REHAB (V-425-B) tapes offer step-by-step demonstrations to teach your patients proper rehabilitation techniques and give them the proper tools to actively participate in their recovery. In addition to saving valuable office time and enhancing practice management revenues, these tapes are insurance reimbursable and are approved and recommended by the Florida Chiropractic Association, the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island, the California Chiropractic Association, and David Singer Enterprises. Obtain an introductory set of either Rehab Video's Low Back (V-425-A), or Cervical Rehab (V-425-B) tapes and let their quality reflect on you! Please specify which set you prefer when ordering, V-425-A or V-425-B. Shipping: U.S. $2, Foreign $5.

Remove from list entirely:

J-309-C "The American Journal of Chiropractic Medicine" V-422 The Chiropractic Assistant A-607 And They Flew

Single Flag J-308-C Nutrition Today
Single Flag J-303-C

Double Flag:

C-201 Perfect Posture Chart

T-125 Pre-Press Price!

T-108-C Swiss Annals on Sale!

Put OUT OF STOCK over L-550 AMA Guilty Booklets

Dynamic Chiropractic
October 24, 1990, Volume 08, Issue 22

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